Monday, November 26, 2012

Day 66 At Sea

Things continue to go very well here….  Can’t beat the service on this voyage.  Theses folks are great!  I started the day poolside but took a mid-day break to go to the Mariner’s Lunch.  I enjoyed lunch, dined with Captain Eversen and our most traveled Mariner, Dolly Smith.  After lunch it was back to the pool with my kindle.  We have one more day at sea before arriving in Honolulu.  That is a special place in my family’s history, we lived there from 1958-1961.  What a wonderful time to livein Hawaii.  We were there when it became a state and my sister Lisa was born there.  I have no special plans except for some morning shopping after immigration and then perhaps Waikiki in the afternoon……  Hope we have another nice day tomorrow….


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