Thursday, November 22, 2012

Day 62 Apia, Samoa ( Part 1 of 2)

Today was a beautiful day in Samoa….  The weather was extremely hot and humid but the island is so lush and green and filled with colorful flowers you don’t seem to mind.  I have been here numerous times but never get tired of seeing this beautiful island.  One of the things I particularly like are the waterfalls.  They do have some magnificent ones here….  I went out as soon as we arrived, around noon, with Larry & Carol and hooked up with a taxi to explore a few waterfalls, the shoreline and of course the lush countryside.  We were to finish off at the local market in Apia.  First we headed to the Falefa Falls which is a good place to start.  While they are good they were the least impressive of the waterfalls we would see today.  Next, we went to the Fuipisia Falls.  It takes about a 10 minute walk through the bush and across a stream to get there but boy is it worth it.  The falls are a magnificent 55 meter waterfall surrounded by a brilliant green jungle.  Just amazing!!!  Our final waterfall, which is also impressive, was the Sopoaga Falls.  The views were stunning…..  Then it was back to town, taking in the scenery all the way.  The market was small but pretty interesting.  It was a pretty amazing day.  Of course I took way too many photos to share so I broke it into two posts.  We now have 5 days at sea as we make our way to the Hawaiian Islands.  Looking forward to some good relaxation time in the sun…..

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