Sunday, November 18, 2012

Day 58 At Sea

Today was a very nice day….  When I left the cabin this morning the TV showed winds of 43 knots across the bow but it was sunny.  I found a nice secluded spot, out of the wind, and hunkered down for the day.  Aside from my ongoing pain issues the day couldn’t have been better.  I capped off the day with a trip to the doctor only to hear that there wasn’t much he could do for me.  Oh well, my hope is that the accupuncture treatments will bring the miricle that I am looking for…..  Otherwise, I may have to start drinking heavily…..  OK, maybe not.  Tonight we had a wonderful dinner in the Canaletto Restaurant.  Ron and his team did a fabulous job.  Tomorrow we have another day at sea.  I start my day with an accupuncture appointment at 9:30.  Hoping for the best!  Oh, almost forgot…  I included a photo I took as we left Waitangi yesterday with my new Sony RX 100 just because I loved the place…..



  1. Hi Jeff: sorry to hear you're having bad neck days. Hasn't slowed you down too much. Try Bengay or Thermopatch. We leave on our cruise in 10
    Get well quickly. B-FL

  2. I'm so sorry your neck is not better! Can't believe you are already 2 months into the cruise. Loved your Waltangi/Bay of Islands photos.