Friday, November 16, 2012

Day 56 Waitangi, Bay of Islands, New Zealand

It was a delighful sail into our anchorage between Pahia and Russell at Waitangi….  Waitangi was the place where the treaty was agreed to between the English and 46 Maori Chiefs in 1840, a very significant timein New Zealand history.  I was on the first tender with Bruce, Sandi, Larry & Carol.  Once we arrived into Paihia we boarded a ferry and headed to Russell….  Lovey ride and the visit to Russell was very scenic.  We hiked around quite a bit and even visited the bay on the other side of the hills….  We really enjoyed Russell but we wanted to see Pahia as well so we headed back to Pahia after a couple of hours.  Once back I soon decided to head back to the ship because of neck pain.  Oh well, just another doctor visit……



  1. Memories again-have no snaps of my visit there -so thanks for some really superb reminders

    Hope that you have been prescribed some efficient pain killers !

  2. Hey, how can you have a pain in the neck? Glenda is not there.