Sunday, June 19, 2016

My Canadian adventure, sailing the St. Lawrence River

Just because  I’m not on a ship doesn’t mean that I can’t have an amazing adventure.  I decided to head to Canada to visit Ann and Cathy Scott, who live in Gananoque, Ontario, part of the 1000 Islands area.  Today, we took a boat tour of the 1000 Islands on the Sea Prince II from Rockport, Ontario.   As we sailed along we discovered exhilarating panoramic views and the rugged nature of the 1000 Islands.  It was a beautiful sunny day and my camera was clicking away as we floated past numerous islands first on the  Canadian side and then into US waters.  On our travels we were able to see the statue dedicated to St. Lawrence who is the namesake of the river, sailed under the Canadian span of the Thousand Island bridge and past numerous islands.  I learned that to be an island it must be one square meter in size, have one tree and stay above water for 365 days a year. The highlight of the tour was cruising to Alexandria Bay, NY to Heart Island where the grandest of all the Gilded Age Mansions, Boldt Castle, was built by George C. Boldt.  When George C. Boldt was building the castle for his wife, she unfortunately passed away before the castle was completed.  He stopped work on the castle never returned to the island.  Such a sad story…..  Tomorrow we are heading to Quebec City for my first visit to Quebec, may have some poutine, you never know….  Really looking forward to this visit!



  1. Wow just a couple of hours from me. Been thinking of heading back to Gamaonque and do the boat tour. It's been years since I have and your pictures just entice me more. Have a great trip. Quebec City is gorgeous and I'm sure you will have many photos to show us.

  2. Hi Jeff,
    Happy to see you're on the move again. I love the 1000 Islands.
    Just returned from fantastic Alaskan cruise on the Maasdam. Same beautiful weather as last year.
    Wow 212 days beginning in September- good for you and your 11th consecutive journey round the World. Can't wait to see your discoveries.
    Enjoy your Canadian adventure.
    BVH Groton, Ct