Monday, February 8, 2016

2016 Grand World Voyage, Day 34, Melbourne, Australia

What a day!!!!!  A fabulous visit to Melbourne Australia and the Denver Broncos won the Super Bowl.  It just couldn’t get much better!  I took the tram into town right after clearing Australian Immigration and began my walk about.....  I pretty much wandered about the city in a haphazard manner for a couple of hours, catching a garden here and some street art there, just finding what I could that seemed interesting as I went.  I settled in for a couple of hours of very good internet time which was much needed, just not a lot you can accomplish on the ship.  Then I decided to go up the Eureka building to their floor 88 observation deck, a great spot to see the city from above.  After that I wandered back to the central part of town and hopped a tram back to the ship.  All throughout the day I stayed in touch with the big game and was just ecstatic that Denver prevailed.  What a grand day!!!!!


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