Monday, November 30, 2015

Incan Empires, Salaverry, Peru (Part 1 of 2)

What an amazing day!  Salaverry was a new port for me and provided us with quite an interesting day…..  Sail in looked rather mystical because it looked like a low hanging fog was hung over the shore but after seeing all the sand dunes, I suspect that it was a lot of dust/sand in the blowing wind.  The other incredible thing about the sail in was the astronomical number of pelicans….  Never seen so many in one place before.  Handler decided that he had seen enough ruins for a while so Leslie & I went out exploring on our own.  We hired a taxi driver, Jorge, who took us on an amazing adventure.  We started out visiting the Temples of the Sun & Moon, Huaca del Sol & Huaca de la Luna, Moche era temples from about 600 A.D.  Next we went to the town of Trujillo where we stopped at the Plaza del Armas.  Our next stop took us to one of the more preserved Temples, the Huaca Arco Iris, just lovely….  Then it was off to the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Chan Chan complex…..  what an amazing place.  Only one of the temples if open to visitors and it is massive.  The complex covers a number of square miles and about 9 temples, I believe.  The temples were built sometime after 900 A.D. by the Chimu empire.  Just amazing!  Our last stop, was to the picturesque fishing village of Huanchaco where we saw the famous cabillitos de totora, or “little reed horses”  small boats made of reeds.  It reminded me of my trip to Lake Titicaca where I rode in a boat made from reeds…  It was simply a magnificent day…..  This blog is in two parts.




  1. A port I have never been to, looked very interesting.

  2. Thanks for bringing back the memories. I was there in 2012 on the prinsendam. That was a great adventitious and historic cruise. Lots of history on the west side of South America. The eastern side is more metropolitan except for the Falkland island. That was an adventure getting into from the tenders.

  3. Yikes!! You weren't kidding about the pelicans.Never saw so many at once. ...Beachlady