Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Incan Empires, Puerto Chiapas, Mexico (Part 2 of 2)

Here I go again….  A 2 part blog!  I promised myself I wouldn’t do that anymore but it just seemed easier than eliminating about 30 photos….  Had a great visit to Puerto Chiapas, always love coming here.  First I took the shuttle to Tapachula, about 30 minutes away.  It’s a lovely little town with a very nice church and a great market.  The people here are so friendly and I love walking through the markets chatting with the folks and snapping a few (or a lot) pictures.  After returning to the port, I arranged for a taxi to take me to Las Escolleras, the quaint village we always see across the water from where we dock.  There are so many resturants there, along the coast that I can’t imagine how they fill them all.  The weekends much really be something with beach goers. It was a great visit and a fantastic day overall.  So, here are my two parts of my blog….




  1. Hi Jeff,
    Happy Thanksgiving!
    Great market pictures. Made me hungry as I await dinner.
    So happy the weather is co-operating so you can get some exploring done.
    Happy cruising.
    BVH-Groton, Ct

  2. Jeff, Don't eliminate any photos, ever, we don't care if you end up with a three part blog!!! We love all of them...Thanks for all your time with the blog, we really appreciate it and we know how much time you put into it. Remember how many people enjoy it, but don't comment. Keep it up ...we love it. Beachlady