Saturday, October 17, 2015

Tales of the South Pacific, Tabuaeran, Fanning Island

What a wonderful surprise!  Today was my first time visiting Fanning Island and I loved it….  It is a fairly primitive island with really lovely people.  In many ways they are pretty poor but have a wonderful sense of happiness.  The island itself with its white sand beaches and beautiful palm trees may it an idyllic representation of what the South Pacific must have been like many, many years ago.  We spend the day exploring the island and spending a lot of time swimming.  The tender rides were thrilling with the huge swells as you can probably see in a few of my photos.  It was simply a magnificent day!  I hope to return some day for another wonderful visit with these wonderful people…..


  1. Been there many times and loved it every time.

  2. Sure wish the Amsterdam would port there again for the grand world. But I guess I can only see the island through your pics from this primitive island. Well I can't wait to get on the Amsterdam in jan. See you soon

  3. If the blond in that picture is my friend Shelley Kornman please tell her that her old friend in Florida, Priscilla, says hi. That looks like it might be her husband Hesh with her.