Friday, October 2, 2015

Tales of the South Pacific, San Diego California

What a beautiful day!!!!!!  We pulled into San Diego bright and early.  Corrine & I were picked up by her Aunt Irene and her son Patrick at 8:30 and it was off to the San Diego Zoo. I really love it there.  We had a delightful day wandering around the zoo, checking out the magnificent creatures that call it home.  We arrive back to the ship in the afternon and went to the sail away party on the aft deck.  It was a fun and very scenic sail as we departed San Diego heading for Hilo, Hawaii…..  It will be 5 days at sea ahead as we sail over 2000 miles to reach our next destination….



  1. Impressive shots of all the animals, thanks for still posting your travels.......Totie

  2. For some one that was not g going to post much on this trip. Yu are doing a wonderful job.


    Bill Hobart

  3. Jeff,
    Thank you so very much for deciding to blog and post your wonderful pictures. I am sure I am not alone in getting enjoyment from them.

  4. Wonderful photos!
    Thanks very much for taking the time to post.
    Have a great 5 sea days!!!!

  5. Thank you for the pictures from the zoo, one of my favorite places also. I watch the "Ape Cam" from home - it focuses on the orangutans and siamangs (both in the same exhibit). You got a picture of baby orangutan Aisha, who will be 2 next month - thank you for that, too, and like so many others, I appreciate your decision to blog again.

  6. thee 'Blog of Blogs' is ALIVE and well !! ... SD Zoo also a favorite place of ours to visit.. great pics as always :)