Saturday, October 31, 2015

Tales of the South Pacific Rarotonga, Cook Islands

Irene, Patrick, Corrine and I had a wonderful day exploring Rorotonga, one of the Cook Islands.  We came ashore on the first tender and began our trek traveling around the entire island…  beautiful place!  We finally settled in for the day at the Silver Sands Hotel in Muri Bay.  The beach was spectacular!  Such fine sand and crystal clear water, just perfection.  We had a great lunch there as we relaxed at the beach.  After returning the rental car, we shopped a bit before taking the tender back to the ship.  It was a wonderful visit….



  1. Enjoying the fowl theme I see developing! Some very handsome birds, some of whom seem to be quite the characters! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Yikes Jeff, I have always thought your sunsets and sunrises were the best, but this one is a prize winner by far. Thank you so much for sharing.....Beachlady