Sunday, October 25, 2015

Tales of the South Pacific, Dravuni Island, Fiji

What a perfect day!!!!  Made it ashore on the first tender for my inaugural visit to Dravuni Island, Fiji.  I just loved it here…  It is fairly primitive, but a more beautiful setting is hard to find.  The people here, and there aren’t that many, are just wonderful.  We had a lovely day at the beach and a number of people, including Patrick & Myself, climbed to the highest point of the island for some magnificent views.  We ran into  our friend Vlad up at the top and took a photo op of the three of us.  It was just a magnificent place to visit and I loved every minute of it…..




  1. You're first pig of the cruise!!! Glad to see and hear that you're having a wonderful trip.

  2. Hi Jeff,
    Glad all is going well and tan looks great!
    Love your market pictures-so interesting and colorful. Thanks so much for sharing them.
    BVH-Groton, Ct.