Thursday, October 22, 2015

Tales of the South Pacific Apia, Samoa

Unbelievable, another wonderful day exploring the South Pacific…  The weather was looking a bit ugly as we sailed into Apia but improved as the day went on with just the occasional light shower.  We hired a taxi driver, Henry, to take us on a tour around the island.  We stopped  at many locations throughout the day.  Our first stop was at his father’s church, the Shrine of the Three Hearts, a beautiful church with a magnificent view of the city and ms Amsterdam.  Then it was off to the Bahai Temple, which was also beautiful and sitting on grounds that were spectacular.  Then it was time for some natural beauty, we stopped at the Papapapai-uta Waterfall viewpoint….  Stunning!  Then for a little something different we stopped for a look at the Lupe Sina Treesort for those that would like to stay in  a tree house… very cool!  Then we relaxed a bit at the beach at the Sinelei Resort.  Then it was off to see another water fall…  the Togitoginia Falls we wonderful…  a great place for a dip in the water.  Our last two stops were magnificent waterfalls, the Fuipisia Waterfall and the Sopoaga Waterfall, a great finish to our tour of such a beautiful island…..  Great day!!!!!

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  1. Jeff, I don't know how old your taxi driver Henry was, but 30 yrs. ago we stayed at Aggie Grey's Hotel in Apia and hired a man named Henry for a few days at the time and he took us to a few of the same type of places. At the time I think he said he already had seven children.....he was quite a character....Beachlady