Thursday, October 29, 2015

Tales of the South Pacific Alofi, Niue

We had an amazing adventure today exploring the island of Niue….  It was my second visit here but the first for Corrine, Patrick & Irene…..  we kicked off the morning picking up a rental car and heading North.   Our first major stop was the Avaiki Caves which were spectacular….  Then it was off to some scenic stops along the way as we headed to the Limu Pools.  This place was superb for swimming, snorkeling and just taking in the natural beauty.  This island is filled with such huge contradictions, it is an island filled with natural beauty while there are hundreds of abandoned, decaying homes scattered everywhere…..  At times the place looked like a ghost town.  Anyway, our next major stop was the Matapa Chasm which was simply beautiful!  We continued our trek circumnavigating the island stopping here and there until we stopped at the Hikulagi Sculpture Park.  You have never seen anything like this…  Pieces of sculpture made our of everyday junk….  Amazing!  Our final major stop for the day was at the magnificent Matavai Resort for lunch and some of the best views of the day…..  Then it was back to town, a bit of shopping and off on  a tender to return to our home, the ms Amsterdam.  It was a superb day!


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