Thursday, March 28, 2013

Day 188 Victoria, Seychelles

We had a wonderful day in the Seychelles with Ed & Becky…..  We got off the ship at the first opportunity and headed for the Botanical Gardens.  One of the highlights there were the giant tortoises.  It really was a beautiful botanical garden with some interesting critters.  Next we walked into town and went to the local markets.  Great place to see day to day life and catch a few people photos.  Next up was the beach!  We took a taxi to Beau Vallon beach.   We ended up planting ourselves at the Beau Vallon Hotel where we had lunch and the spent time swimming and sunning on the beach.  Later in the afternoon, we headed back to town for a final bit of shopping and sightseeing before heading back to the ship.  It was a great day!




  1. What a day you had including the moon, a rainbow and some nifty clouds too!

  2. Great shots- as usual -really capture MUCH of what the Seychelles are about

    I am looking forward to vicariously sharing your African adventures-though my viewings will be restricted from the 14th

    Many sea days and as you well know,not inclined to go online whilst onboard a ship !

    Luv to Corinne