Sunday, March 24, 2013

Day 184 Colombo, Sri lanka

Had a magnificent day in Sri Lanka, just like last year.  The only thing missing this year were our friends Mike & Janet who were with us last year.  I left the ship early with Ed & Becky and after a rather aggravating negotiation process with taxi drivers, we took off in a Tuk Tuk and headed for the markets…..  These were the wholesale markets, not where the local population or tourists shop.  It is a very busy place, full of activity.  Great place to see the Sri Lankans in their everyday activities….  Then we visited a Hindu Temple as we made our way to Kelaniya Buddhist Temple, a place where Buddha himself was believed to have visited over 2000 years ago.  From there we headed back to Colombo and visited Beira Lake where we found the snake charmers by the Buddhist temple on the lake.  What fun!  Nothing like wrapping yourself in a python, especially where you are deathly afraid of snakes.  Then we went to the Galle Face Hotel where we met up with Corrine for lunch….  It was a very nice, relaxing lunch at a very lovely hotel.  Then we walked the Galle Face Green along the shore to the Khan Clock Tower where we found some shopping opportunities.  Then it was back to the ship for our very early departure at 3:00.  Now we are headed to the Seychelles……



  1. great pics Jeff... following along as we just got back on the Statendam last week from a 56 day cruise Ft Laud--Hawaii--Tahiti--back to Ft laud..

    BTW.. in case you weren't aware.. the Lightbox view-bottom- of pics on the Google Blogs--Blogger-- is having big problems..I know mine is!topic/blogger/mtCSqGXPFN0

  2. Have to revisit!,you make it look so interesting,

    Wonder how Stakeout enjoyed the Statendam,similar itny to Oct/13