Thursday, March 21, 2013

Day 181 Phuket, Thailand

What a great day!  We arrived very early in Phuket and were immediately met with our friend John Ziment who lives in Phuket for most of the year.  We were also joined by Susan Hasson a friend of Johns whom we met on this voyage.  We toured Wat Chalong first before heading up to see the big Buddha on the top of the mountain.  We spent the rest of the day touring the beaches and markets with a special stop at the sea gypsy village….  We finished the day with a wonderful Thai lunch at Karon Beach.  It was such a treat to see our friend John again….  Hope to see him again on another cruise in the near future…..


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  1. Great for me too-so lucky to now have you both as REAL friends and look forward to our next reunion-either on a cruise or in my favourite abode-Marbella. Spain

    Also, so nice to have met some of the regulars from your blog,specially Alan & Sandra,now know why you speak so highly of them !

    Finally, the day was enhanced by our having Susan join us-a charming lady