Sunday, March 17, 2013

Day 177 Siem Reap

Well, another fabuolous day in Siem Reap....  We went out early with our guide to vist 3 temples in the Roulous Group.  We visited Prah Ko, Bakong and finally Lolei....  It was a nice finish to our Cambodian adventure.  The drive through the countryside was also delightful.  Now we head to Singapore where we rejoin the ship and spend a day exploring Singapore.....


  1. Hi Jeff: We're taking the 72 day Amsterdam cruise beginning September 23rd out of Los Angeles. We intend to do Angkor Wat on our own. Did you do it on your own also?? What hotel did you stay at in Siem Reap?? Did you have to get HAL approval far in advance to leave the ship on your own at Nha Trang?? We're planning to leave the ship at Hong Kong, first going to Macau for 2 nights and then to Siem Reap for 3 nights, before rejoining the ship in Singapore. Thanks for all the photos and narrative. Gene Mattocks

  2. Did it on our own. Stayed at Le Meridian. You have to let HAL know in advance that you are leaving and when you will return.