Friday, March 1, 2013

Day 161 At Sea

Today started out very nicely, very sunny with a nice breeze.  Then the clouds rolled in with some rain here and there.  It was probably residual from the tropical cyclone hanging out in this part of the world.  There was a Q&A session with Stein Kruse in the afternoon which was very informative.  Tonight we had dinner in the Canaletto Restaurant with Jane & Barry Smythe.  The food and company were just wonderful.  Really looking forward to Bali tomorrow.  My friend Made will meet us at the terminal and take us around for a while.  Later in the day and evening we will have the “Big” Party on the ship that Stein Kruse throws every year…  Promises to be a great day!!!



  1. There was a Made who worked in the Lido on the 2012 World Cruise, port side. He was great. Wonder if this is the same person? Made is the number two son in Balinese culture.

  2. Hi Jeff,
    Congratulations on becoming a member of The President's Club. It's quite an achievement and you've had so many wonderful experiences and photographs for which you should have a masters degree!
    Loved the photos of the black swans and the ones from Kangaroo Island, such a diverse and beautiful place.
    Hope the weather holds in Bali and you get to do some swimming.

    BVH-Groton, Ct