Monday, December 12, 2011

Day 8 Corinto, Nicartagua

It just keeps getting better and better….  Today was a nice visit to Corinto.  It is a poor town but the people are very friendly.  I love it because is a great place for photography.  I love the opportunity to take photos of people and this place provides many possibilities.  Aart & I went ashore first thing and began exploring the town.  At one point we decided to take a tour on one of the tricycles as we did 2 years ago.  We spent a great couple of hours exploring the entire town and even visited the home of our tricycle driver and even a senior citizen home.    Then it was back to the ship for another fabulous day poolside…..  I love this!!!!


  1. Wonderful photos, they really give a good impression of the place and the people! The little girl with the cat is my favourite!

  2. Love the pictures... The candid shots are amazing... Hope to run into you while we are on board the Amsterdam for the holidays... Maybe I can get some lessons on photography...... :)

  3. Love the people pictures. So easy to be with you, it's real life. Allan and Sandra

  4. jeff, you really capture the essence of wherever you are, but these people pictures are superb!! i look forward to being with you on your travels each morning. did you get a new camera? the pictures seem sharper, and color saturation is better. keep up the great work. we all know how much work you put into the blog each day and it is much appreciated. thank you, beachlady

  5. I enjoy seeing your photos as well. You have some amazing shots. The little girl with the cat is my favourite as well.

  6. Hi Jeff,

    Love these people pictures. I was really interested to see what this port was like because I'll be visiting it in 2 weeks on the Statendam. Have been debating whether or not I needed a tour. By the looks of your pics, I think I'd rather take photos. :) Are the people open to having their picture taken? Do you ever need to pay them for a picture?

    Any advice is helpful! Keep having a great time! Love to see your adventures!