Monday, December 26, 2011

Day 22 Half Moon Cay, Bahamas

Back  again to Half Moon Cay, twice in a week is pretty unusual….  It looked very dark and threatening as we approached the island this morning.  Fortunately, it was a false alarm.  The day was very nice….  It started out with nice cool temperatures with scattered clouds and progressed to nice and sunny as the day went on.  I went for my walk, as usual, taking photos along the way.  I then parked myself on the beach in front of Captain Morgan’s bar…. I was a bit on the stupid side today.  I went into the water wearing my “FitBit” which I use to track my exercise.  I found out that it doesn’t like salt water…. So sad.  Aart came around noon and had a couple of Heinekens before we both went back to the ship.  Then it was the aft deck for me to capture a few more rays.  This cruise is quickly coming to an end…  We are back in Ft. Lauderdale tomorrow….  Oh joy, immigration again….  I am very excited about my friends Allan & Sandra joining the ship tomorrow.  It will be fun times ahead.


  1. Jeff,

    These pics today are just absolutely beautiful!! I just finished watching the Westerdam & NA leave FLL on the webcam...Westerdam blew her horn at least 37 times (I think I missed a couple) which made my along with your beautiful pics....I'm happy!!

    Thanks again for posting your beautiful pics every day. I always look forward to your "standards" (ie: bow pics, people pics, animal pics).


  2. better a FitBit than an iPhone. My niece hopped into the Gulf of Mexico with her iPhone in her pocket. I wonder if you got some salt and a ziplock bag an put the FitBit into it. Supposedly it helps dries the thing out and sometimes it works again.
    Hope things workout in FLL tomorrow.

  3. great pics. I love the outline of the amsterdam. I also like the way you took the pic from the window of the bar. I think the other pic with the cannon is the best. Shooting out at the ship.

  4. Jeff it's not salt you use-it's rice. How dumb am I? Sorry about that.