Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Day 2 At Sea

Today was the day at sea that I had envisioned….  It was very cold pretty much all day.  Even a hard core sun worshiper like myself stayed indoors.  I had breakfast with Aart and then we decided to go for a walk.  We took a 4 mile brisk walk around the deck to get the day started.  It was nice to get the exercise.  I spent the rest of the day visiting with Aart, Willem and other friends until about 4:00 when I went for a massage.  I had an 1 ½ hour massage with a massage therapist from Japan, Nao.  She was fantastic!  I was so relaxed when she was done.  The it was time to shower and get dressed for our first formal night.  I dined with Brad & Gloria again and had a fabulous meal.  Hopefully the weather tomorrow will come around.  I talked with the Captain today and he said that once we passed Cabo that the weather should get warmer.  I am sure things are very hot in Cabo…….  I hope so, I feel a vitamin D deficiency coming on….

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