Friday, December 16, 2011

Day 12 At Sea

Today was looking pretty bad first thing this morning…  The skies were gray and the wind just about blew you off the deck.  Fortunately the conditions improved dramatically and it turned out to be a great day outside even though it remained breezy.  Mid-day we had a cocktail party recognizing the top Mariners on the ship.  It was fairly quick so I made it back out in the sun fairly quickly.  Tonight we had another formal night and the dinner was fantastic…..  Great food & great service….. fabulous!  Tomorrow we arrive in the morning into the island of Aruba.  Normally I head straight to Palm beach but tomorrow I will explore a bit with Aart and snap a  few photos.  Looking forward to a nice day.


  1. Nice picture of you and Marde....say hello to him for me. :D

  2. great pics. say hello to the resst of the amsterdam crew from guy