Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ft. Lauderdale Day 2

What a day!!!!!  Although I didn't wake up until quite late, 8:45, I had a great day.....  I first went for a nice long walk, had breakfast and headed for the pool.  The weather today could not have been better.  I feel the old tan coming back already and I have 12 days left here in Florida.  Great day!!!!


  1. Hi Jeff,
    Glad the sun is shining. Also glad to see you are sailing again soon on such a fantastic adventure. I hope you know how much your photography and journal are appreciated. I imagine it takes some significant time and money keeping this blog updated while at sea. Thanks much.


  2. I love it so much when I hear how people really appreciate what I do with the blog. You are right, it takes a tremendous amount of time and money. So many people around the world love it so it is worth every minute and every dollar.

  3. Yes jeff we enjoy the blog so much. Every day it's like a new adventure that we are all traveling along with you. Keep up the great work.