Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Day 31 At Sea

It was a pretty quiet and relaxing day aboard the ms Amsterdam today….  No pool time for me, we are feeling the effects of some Monsoon somewhere…..  Oh well, best thing for me to do was go visit my 3 favorite ladies in the Greenhouse Spa & Salon, Marta, my masseuse (left), Rene the Manager (middle) and Danielle (right) my hair stylist.  The spa is truly one of my favorite places to visit.  Today my massage was so great I think I went totally out a couple of times.  I haven’t felt that relaxed for a very long time…  Oh, maybe I got that wrong, I mean since last week when Marta gave me a massage.  It certainly made for a wonderful day!!!!



Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Day 30 At Sea

Here we are sailing along, making our way to Hong Kong avoiding all the Chinese fishing vessels….  Beautiful day!  I can’t believe a month has gone by already.  It has been a fantastic voyage up to this point.  I am surprised that I love it so much since I am a sun worshiper and I have spent so little time pool side.  Today was not the case…  Spent the day outside soaking up the sun visiting with friends.  Tonight we had a great formal night.  Paul Kerr, the Culinary Manager hosted our table and everything was grand…  food, friends and wonderful conversation.  What a great day!





Day 29 Shanghai, People's Republic of China

Left the ship at a more leisurely hour this morning due to the late night return last night.    Took the shuttle to the Bund, walked around a bit and decided to head across the river to the Shanghai World Financial Center to check out the world’s highest observatory….  We crossed the river via the Bund Sightseeing Tunnel which provides a bit of a psychedelic light show as you traverse the tunnel. From the tunnel we walked to the “Bottle Opener” aka the Shanghai World Financial Center, called that because the top does look a lot like a bottle opener……The first stop was at the skywalk  on the 100th floor, 474 meters high. We took in two other (lower) levels for the views before departing.  The smog wasn’t very helpful but it was a great visit.  Then it was back to the Bund for a bit of a walk and some people pics.  Made it an early day and got back to the ship just before the turned it around in the river to facilitate our departure.  Sat out in the sun for a while before hitting the blogs for several hours....  So nice to have two sea days before Hong Kong,,,,