Friday, March 30, 2018

2018 Grand World Voyage, Day 85, Amakhala, South Africa (Part 1 of 2)

On our first early morning game drive the fog was so thick the Ranger Sebastian had to take us to the top of a ridge over looking the basin in order to get us above the fog. Driving up the ridge we did see some black wildebeest, warthogs, kudus, waterbuck and red hartebeest. Finally, the sun appeared to burn off the fog...this gave way to seeing an eland and a number of giraffes. Next, we came upon a herd of elephants with a two week old was amazing to see how these elephants circled and protected their young as they moved about the reserve. On our return to the camp we saw an ostrich, black rhino, a male and two female lions. It turned out to be a beautiful day...looking forward to our afternoon drive.


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  1. jeff,
    how did you get from jo'burg to the elephants game lodge? did the lodge organise the transport or did you work with a travel agent ?