Wednesday, December 21, 2016

The Deja Vu Circle Hawaii Voyage, Day 87, Ensenada, Mexico Part 1 of 2

Upon or arrival into Ensenada, Ann & Cathy’s cousins, Joe, and Mike along with Mike’s girlfriend Julie picked up at the pier….. We headed south for a tour of the sites of Baja California.   We followed the coastlineto Bufadore, a 25 mile drive along the penninsula along a scenic route to the Punta Banda area.  Our first stop was the spectacular blow hole known as La Bufadore…  one of the most powerful I have seen!  We returned to Ensenadaby late afternoonfor some great Mexican food and of course, some WiFi….WE had a relaxing day, great food, company and conversation.  It was really great meeing the Sister’s cousins.  Unfortunately, Ann was unable to join us due to an allergic food reaction, she was sorely missed by everyone.  An excellent ending to our Déjà vu Circle Hawaii Voyage…..  This blog is in two parts, this is part one.


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