Sunday, December 11, 2016

The Deja Vu Circle Hawaii Voyage, Day 78, Hilo, Hawaii

Things looked very dreary and drizzly as we sailed into Hilo this morning.  That is not a surprise as this is the wet side of the island.  Cathy and I went ashore, Ann stayed behind as she is under the weather.  We had no plans we just decided to walk into town and take things as they came.  It was a farily uneventful day, it was the first time Cathy had visited the town so we checked out the market and stores.  The good news was the sun appeared and we spent a rather pleasant day without rain.  The most amazing thing is that I found the same brilliantly coloured lizard on the same banana tree that I had discovered back in October, I think he missed me.  Now Cathy, Ann and I are planning our viewing position to see the Kilauea Volcano later this evening. 


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