Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Panama Canal Cruise, Day 94, Puerto Quetzal, Guatemala

I have visited the port of Puerto Quetzal many times and have done most this possible here so…  today was a pretty relaxed day.  I went ashore for a few hours only.  The port offers a very large market area with shade trees where you can shop, sit and relax or just watch the vendors in their brightly colored traditional dress.  So, Ann, Cathy & I went ashore and wandered through the markets, shopping, snapping some photos and trying to cope with the blistering heat…..  In time we found ourselves at a local café for some cold drinks and Wi-Fi.  It was wonderful sitting there in the shade, the heat was so oppressive….  I left them to finish up while I wandered further afield looking for some nice iguanas and, amazingly, found some.  Love taking photos of critters!  Then it was back to the ship for a relaxing afternoon poolside for some swimming and reading…  The tan is progressing nicely.  What a wonderful relaxing day!!!!!



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