Thursday, December 22, 2016

Panama Canal Cruise, Day 88, San Diego

What a wonderful day!!!!  The early morning sail in was simply wonderful and was made even better knowing that we would be seeing some very special friends today.  First up, we met our friends John & Diane St John at the Waterfront Bar

& Grill to have breakfast with our good friend Chef George Geary who drove down from LA to join us….  What a wonderful time we had, great food and a wonderful gathering of special friends….  We then went to Horton Plaza for a quick errand before returning to the ship.  Joining the ship today are some of my closest friends, Allan & Sandra Benson, such a joy to see them.  Other friends also joined the ship, John & Diane St John, Michael & Susan Fayne and several others…..  The world voyage crowd is starting to gather….  What a day!!!!!

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  1. Great to see so many of the regular suspects are onboard and ready for a super cruise!
    Love seeing all these happy people! Just a reminder: Gala Night photos are appreciated, if you have the time and inclination!