Friday, April 1, 2016

2016 Grand World Voyage, Day 87, Salalah, Oman

Ann and Cathy and I hired a taxi from the port to travel to Salalah and Taqah.  Salalah was once the Capitol  of Oman  and now is the summer home of the Sultan.  We started the morning off with a visit to the fish and meat market in Salalah, great stop for people photos...  and goat heads if you’re looking for some. On our drive to Taqah we encountered a large herd of camels.  One of them tried to get into our taxi...  Unfortunately, the upper Taqah Fort was closed but Ann and I climbed to the 137 steps to the top to take in the majestic views.  We were able to visit the Taqah castle which wasn’t too timely since about 3 bus loads of people arrived about the same time.  The driver made a special trip to the top of the Khor Rori fjord like high sheer cliffs overlooking the Arabian Sea and the coastal town of Taqah for some spectacular views.  We were  fortunate to see a pod of spinner dolphins frolicking with their young.    On our way back to the ship we encountered another herd of camels in their natural habitat.  Our last stop was the Hafa Souq for some shopping.  Despite it being a Friday, the Muslim Sabbath and April fools-day, we had a wonderful adventure...



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  1. Jeff, I love your photos and commentary. It brings back memories of our trip last year. Keep up the good work.