Saturday, March 26, 2016

2016 Grand World Voyage, Day 81, Khajuraho, India (Part 1 of 2)

On our last day of touring in the Khajuraho area was a pleasant surprise.  Our first stop was the Southern group of temples.  The Chaturbhui  dedicated to Shiva and the Duladeo with its intricately carved images.  Again, the temples proved unique with such intricate carvings and design.  A nice start to the morning.  After a half hour drive through the countryside with many photo opportunities we arrived at Raneh Falls, Ken Gharial Sanctuary.  This area is in close proximity to Panna National Park on the majestic Ken River.  The main attraction here is the falls, a smaller version of Niagara Falls and the Grand Canyon surrounded by wonderful rock formations and the 5km long 100 foot deep Crystalline Granite Canyon.  This granite has different shades of colors from pinks and reds to misty white and green.  This provided many lookout platforms and a walking path with excellent vantage points for photographs.  As this area is in their dry season and awaiting the monsoon rains, the waterfalls had dried up but we still had magnificent views of the granite canyons.  During our visit to the sanctuary we did see many animals on our drive, and on our way back to Khajuraho we stopped and walked the streets of a 1000 year old village.  We toured a home that was 350 years old and when I entered his temple room he gave me a blessing of red powder on my forehead.  We covered a large territory of the area before our flight to Delhi with some great scenes of everyday life in this region...  It was a great day!!!!  Now, it’s time to fly home to the ms Amsterdam....  This is part one of two parts.       

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