Sunday, March 13, 2016

2016 Grand World Voyage, Day 67 Bagan, Myanmar (Part 4 of 4)

Our early morning pickup began with my long awaited photo stop at the Gawdawpalin Temple.  This temple is the second tallest 11th century temple in Bagan.  The next stop was the Shwezigon Complex where Than our guide arranged for me to photograph 3 Buddhist Monks.  The Monks were great subjects to shot in the shadows of the Shwezigon Causeway.  The Shwezigon is a gold plated pagoda with several other shrines and pagodas surrounding it.  Still an active place of worship, it stands today as one of the most astonishing and well-kept pagodas in all of Bagan.  During our visit fortunate to see young Buddhist boys and girls taking part in their Novation ceremony.  Our tour would not be complete without a visit to a local market.  Off we went to Nyaugn U – a bustling river town with a lively market offering a colorful display of fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, textiles and flowers, just a great market with great photo opportunities....We finished our morning site seeing with a visit to the lessor visited pagodas at Tayok Piji Paya and the Village Minnanthu.  At the village we watched a Myanmar Cigar making demonstration known as Cheroot.  Again, we had lunch at a local restaurant on the banks of the Ayeyarwaddy River and nearby mountains.  Special treat was the breathtaking view of the Lawkananda Pagoda.  We returned to the hotel for R and R before going out for our horse and carriage ride....  When we finally went out on the ride, initially I wasn’t impressed with this mode of transportation as we drove through the village.  The ride was bumpy and it was difficult to see things and take photos but that all changed when we went out into the area where all the temples and pagodas scatter the landscape.... What a great way to get around to see so much in such a short time.  These horse and carriages get you there much quicker than a vehicle...  What a great scenic adventure, a nice way to top off our Myanmar adventure...  I must apologize, I am posting almost two hundred photos from this spectacular day, it’s just too great not to take the shot when it presents itself!....   Just an amazing adventure!!!!  This wraps it up for Bagan, it was one of the best Overland Adventures I have taken, Ann, Cathy & I couldn’t have enjoyed it more...  All we have to do now is fly to Yangon, do a little touring and fly to Singapore to rejoin the ms Amsterdam.... Part 4 of 4 


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    I cannot wait to go to this mystical land!