Thursday, February 25, 2016

2016 Grand World Voyage, Day 51, Semarang, Indonesia (Part 3 of 3)

Just another amazing day!!!!!  We had a tour set up with Puji and headed out around 6:30 this morning to explore the local villages and culture.  I went with Gisela, Chas, Michael & Susan, we all had a fabulous time.  First we headed to Babadan Village market, where we had a great time.  The people were so friendly and we bought a fair amount of produce...  We sampled a lot of foods and, of course, I had to bring back a couple of kilos of hot chilies for the crew.  It was wonderful interacting with all the people there, they were so friendly and didn’t mind a photo or two which worked pretty well for me.  Once we had our fill we headed off to the Gedong Songo Temple.  It is a massive (geographical area wise), Hindu Temple Complex.  It had its beginnings around the 8th century so it has a bit of age.  To make it really interesting, we went on horseback to speed things up a bit.  It is such a large area with steep inclines so it may have taken too much time of foot.  Along the way, we had a great exchange with a large group of students who wanted to take photos together....  May have some new blog followers, who knows.  Then we headed to a very scenic area, Umbul Sido mukti that had spectacular views and a great restaurant for lunch at the top.  After lunch we headed back toward the port, stopping along the way for some interesting photos. It was a simply a wonderful day with some great friends......  Puji did a great job!  This is the 3rd of three parts.



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