Wednesday, February 17, 2016

2016 Grand World Voyage, Day 42, Cairns, Australia

What a day!!!!  It was a wonderful sail into the port of Cairns this morning.....  It was a sad day to see my friends George & Neil leave, George is such a great guest chef, I am surprised he isn’t on the Culinary Council....  We also had to say goodbye to our senior executive visitors.  Thanks so much to Orlando Ashford for hosting such amazing events and giving us the opportunity to meet you lovely family.  It was also a real pleasure to get an opportunity to meet Arnold Donald, CEO of Carnival Corporation...  what a great guy!  It was fun spending time with him and his lovely wife Hazel.  We also had to say goodbye to our longtime friend, Stein Kruse, President & CEO of Holland America Group.  Again, it was such a pleasure to be able to spend time with you and your family.  Finally, a special thanks to Gerald Bernhoft the Director of the Mariner Society for being such a great friend.  As for Cairns...  I had a day of fitness and communing with nature.....  I walked the entire Esplanade, all the way to the Botanical Gardens and back in 100 degree weather.....  I must be nuts but I enjoyed every minute of it, all 16 miles.....  well maybe not all of it.  It was certainly a hot and humid day!  Loved the visit!!!!




  1. I do not post much on your blog, but I read it religiously, and want to comment several things: 1) Thank You very much for your continued blog, it is an absolute enjoyable part of my day reading and looking at your posts. 2) You have a wonderful eye for picture taking, composing each shot and general clarity of your shots. Very accomplished photography on display, so thank you again very much and I wish you continued safe travels!!!

  2. Jeff, love it when you go to the botanical gardens anywhere you travel ---
    you outdo yourself with the beautiful photography. Thank you, Beachlady