Tuesday, February 16, 2016

2016 Grand World Voyage, Day 41, Townsville, Australia

What a beautiful sail into the port of Townsville....  We sailed right past Magnetic Island which was lit up nicely by the early morning rays of the sun.  It was pretty exciting for me since this was a first time visit for me.  The thing that stood out most as we sailed in was Castle Hill and I felt it calling my name.  I went up the hill first thing to get the magnificent views from above. You would not believe the number of people hiking up this hill on a very hot day....  The views were well worth the trip.  From the hill I visited the Queens Gardens which are at the base of the hill.  Lovely gardens with some areas suffering from lack of rain.  Then I headed out to walk the Strand, a waterside promenade, which is really a lovely place to walk.  You have to watch out where you go for a swim...  make sure it’s behind some stinger nets....  Once I came back into town I looked for Flinders Street to see some of the historical buildings.  It was a great first time visit, would love to spend a bit more time here in the future....  The people and the city were wonderful!



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