Tuesday, January 12, 2016

2016 Grand World Voyage, Day 7, Fuerte Amador, Panama

We had a pretty nice day exploring Panama City....  I went ashore, via tender, with Susan & Michael around 8:30 this morning.  We hired a taxi with a driver named Oscar who took us around the city.  The Ruins were closed since it was Monday so we went to Mira Flores Locks Observation platform instead.  Great seeing the canal from the shore side.  Then we headed to the old town.  The walk around the town was wonderful, such great architecture and fabulous sights.  Panama City has such a magnificent skyline, one of the best!  We then returned to Fuerte Amador where we had lunch and got a little internet time....  Had a wonderful day with Susan & Michael.....



  1. Thanks Jeff for your wonderful pictures and brief summary of your day. Makes me feel like part of the cruise--will see you on the 2017 World. Meanwhile I will continue to look for your posts. Aldona

  2. Hi Jeff,
    Thanks for the wonderful coverage of the canal transit-I never tire of it. World seems to be off to a great start. Enjoy.
    BVH-Groton, Ct