Wednesday, January 27, 2016

2016 Grand World Voyage, Day 22 Arorangi, Rarotonga, Cook Islands (Part 3 of 3)

We had one of the best days yet!  It was slow going first thing in the morning while the Captain searched for a good anchorage so we could tender ashore to Rarotonga. He finally settled on a little place on the West side of the island called Arorangi.  Our normal anchorage at Avatiu was too rough and dangerous.  Michael, Susan & I were off on the first tender without much of a plan.  We came across some interesting looking open air, 100% electric powered vehicles.  We were immediately interested in touring the island in these beautiful transports, run by Tik-e Tours.  We found the company owner’s Tania & her husband Karl.... wonderful people!  We made our arrangements with them and laid out our itinerary and were off in no time on a great adventure with Karl at the wheel.  We had the best day and I would recommend them to anyone visiting Rarotonga.  They can be found at, or their website  They are rated number one on TripAdvisor.  I included a photo of their card in each part of the blog, it was that good!!!  We did a full island tour stopping at some very interesting scenic spots, including some hikes up to some fabulous viewpoints and the beautiful  Muri Lagoon.  We also had some different but very interesting stops like a top notch ukulele maker, a place where they do shell carvings and a place where virgin coconut oil is extracted and made into various products..  I bought some virgin coconut oil with hot chilies....  Want some?  just the ticket for a yummy meal!  Anyway, we continued around the island enjoying the whole day and coming across a lot of great sights and animals, which I love.....  We had a wonderful lunch at a top notch resort, the Nautilus Resort & Restaurant.  Great food!  We can’t thank Tania & Karl enough for such a wonderful Cook Island experience....  This is the third of three posts....



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