Friday, April 17, 2015

Day 208 Cartagena, Spain (Part 1 of 2)

Today we arrived into Cartagena around 10:00 passing through the occasional fog bank….  It was a bittersweet day for me, the last time I was here was in 2011 and my friends Aart & his wife Yvonne visited us that day.  Yvonne was very ill and it was wonderful to see her.  We were all full of hope for a bright future but cancer being a very cruel disease eventually took Yvonne from us.  I will always remember Cartagena and the last day I was able to spend with my very dear friend Yvonne….  I am happy that Aart was able to come back here for some closure and hopefully some fond memories of Yvonne coming here to visit her extended family…..  So, back to our visit…  The city and entrance to the harbor are dotted with a number of forts and lookouts, pretty spectacular.  Ann, Cathy & I decided to get off and walk the city and see a few of the sights.   We first passed by the Plaza Heros de Cavite and the Palacio Consistorial.  Then we basically meandered the streets for a while, checking out the sights and shops before heading to the Teatro Romano and the Castillo de la Concepcion that looms above the amphitheater….  Then we were off to the Casa de la Fortune, an excavation showing how families lived during the Roman period.  The rest of the day was spent strolling the streets, shopping and of course, Wi-Fi and eating.  It was a wonderful day full of fond memories and new experiences….

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