Saturday, April 11, 2015

Day 202 Delphi Greece

We left Kalambaka early this morning heading to Delphi….  Love visiting Delphi, have been there a couple of times…  It was a long drive, about four hours but we finallly made it.  I left the group first think to hike to the Sanctuary of Athene Pronaia.  The tour wasn’t going there but it is my favorite spot to visit.  It’s a long hike, especially back uphill.  I finally returned to the site of the Sanctuary of Apollo.  Couldn’t find my group anywhere so I just kept going up….  First the Treasury and up the sacred way to the Grand Temple of Apollo from there kept going up to the theatre and above before coming back down the hill.  At the Treasury I reconnected with my group and Ann and I walked right back up the hill to take another look at all the sites again. Complimenting the ancient ruins there was a panaromic view above the theatre that included the majority of the ruins. It was an absolutely perfect day at Delphi.  From there we went to have a late lunch that turned out to be the best Greek lunch I had ever eaten.  Things turned a bit ugly once we checked into the Apollonia Hotel in Delphi as my room which is located next to the noisiest elevator ever…….the front desk took no interest in solving the problem blaming the noise on the hotel located next door and to add insult to injury, I am paying a single supplement for an unacceptable room as I will be unable to sleep tonight! I have been eyeballing the hallway three floors up away from the elevator or considering spending the night on the bus, if I can find the driver!  Color me an unhappy camper…..


  1. Jeff,

    Thanks for the great photos and narrative. Re-enforces our perception of Greece…beautiful country, great food, and unreliable service industry. The t-shirt on that statute really looks like it says Tan-Man in Greek. Love the photo of Brad also.

    Bill and Carolyn

  2. Now we know the name of the hotel ,it wont be getting any visits from lots of people we know .