Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Day 88 At Sea

Another hot sunny day poolside…..  Just loving this cruise so far!  We saw a constant stream of ships passing us as they leave the Panama Canal, our next destination.  As it stands right now, we are scheduled into the Mira Flores  locks around 0645 tomorrow morning.  I’ll be there, as usual, since the canal is just so amazing to see and experience, no matter how many times you have transited it.  As for me….  It’s a lot!  This afternoon, I thought the Yellow & Orange gang had descended on me.  As many of you may know, I am known for wearing yellow and orange mostly, especially pool side.  Fred came up with the idea that we all dress up in orange t-shirts and yellow accessories so they got a hat and t-shirt for me yesterday in Costa Rica.  We all (Stephen, Tom, Susan, myself, Ken & Fred) had a group photo taken….  We are ready for the Dutch when they dress in orange for the King’s birthday….  Great day!!!!


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