Monday, December 1, 2014

Day 71 Honolulu, Hawaii (Part 1)

Well, we had a wonderful day exploring Oahu…..  The weather was just perfect!  We picked up a rental car and headed first to Waikiki for a stroll along the beach.  Next we went to Diamond Head State Park where we hiked to the top.  Steep climb but worth every step! The day contained so much more but that will wait for a future day…..  It has been a long day, flying to Kauai early in the morning and returning in the evening.  The following morning I plan on being on the first tender ashore in Lahaina Maui.  I have only gotten through half the photos from today and the rest will just have to simmer a bit….  I will  catch up at the earliest opportunity.  Looking forward to a great day tomorrow!



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