Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Trekking our way back to Colorado, scenes along the way....

After we left Kolob Canyons, it was time to head back to Colorado.  The drive along the way was spectacular!  I just love this part of the country…  At one point, as you can see, I got into some caves and never thought I would make it out.  I found a spot to look out and get a bit of fresh air and later, hearing all the commotion outside I was able to give a thumbs up to everyone that I would be OK.  Alright, truth be told I may have made a little bit of that up.  Anyway, the drive was wonderful, a nice ending to our little roadtrip….




  1. Hi Jeff,
    So nice to see that you're having a wonderful summer The scenery is truly amazing and I loved the photos from the Botanical Gardens.
    Have a safe trip home and soon you'll be back on the Amsterdam-time seems to be passing quickly.
    BVH-Groton, Ct

  2. great looking formations, I sent Micah the link (our family geologist)! Enjoy yourself, Jeff.

    Mike and Deb

  3. Jeff,

    Thanks so much for your report on this trip, as well as a similar one you took with Brad a couple of years ago. They served as inspiration for our recent trip to Utah and Colorado. We visited some impressive parks including ones we learned about through your blog. Examples are Colorado National Monument and Dead Horse State Park. Both were very scenic. We half expected to peer through our binoculars and see you sitting atop Independence Monument Rock. Ha!

    Thanks again, and we look forward to following your blog during your upcoming mega-cruise,

    Bill and Carolyn