Saturday, March 16, 2013

Day 176 Siem Reap, Cambodia (Part 3 of 3)

At the risk of repeating myself, here is a repost from part 1 of 3 parts.... 
The big day finally arrived.....  Our guide, Bun hak from Angkor Guide Services picked us up at 0450  in the wee hours of the morning for sunrise over Angkor Wat to kick off our Cambodian adventure.  The sunrise experience and the subsequent tour of Angkor Wat was fabulous....  We then headed for breakfast and a needed break from the heat.  Refreshed, we headed out once again, this time we went to the Angkor Thom area were we first visited Bayon with it's giant heads...  just amazing!!!  We walked from there to the Elephant Terrace, very nice...  Then we headed to Prah Khan, a pretty large temple....  just loving it....  There is a huge difference now from when I was here in 2008....  so many people.  Way too many.  This place has become quite popular.  That plus all the renovations take away a bit of the charm.   Oh well, I digress....  After Prah Khan we headed to what was my favorite in 200, Ta Promh.  Now with all the people and renovations it has definitely lost a step or two when it comes to being spectacular.  Then we took a 3 hour lunch break and headed out again around 3:00 pm.  First up was a quick stop at Pre Rup,a very, very old temple.  I was supposed to come here for sunset but changed my mind.  Then it was off to Banteay Srei, a very lovely complex with amazing carvings in the stone.  My final stop was at Banteay Kdei, an unscheduled stop but a very worthy one.  It was one of my favorite stops for the day.  All in all it made for an amazing day....  That is why there are 3 posts.....  This is part 3 of 3......


  1. Jeff, love your pictures of Cambodia. Brings back such memories. Ta Prohm is one of the temples where they filmed some of the Indiana Jones and Tomb Raider movies. It is too bad about the crowds and renovations. I hope they are not taking down some of the trees that have overgrown the temple. All those tree roots are what gives it such mystique...Beachlady

  2. Enjoyed seeing your photos of Angkor and surrounding area. I compared them with mine from 2004 and noticed that there are more statues in some and in others, areas have been fenced off that were open back then. The steep stairs at Angkor Watt were a challange to get down and we had to talk two young men down them, even though we were not at all confident ourselves, so I can understand why they are not open anymore.