Sunday, December 9, 2012

Day 80 At Sea

Around the world in 80 days…..  oops, haven’t made it all the way around the world yet!  That will start in January.  Hard to believe that I have been here for 80 days.  It has been a pretty wonderful time up to this point and everything is pointing to even better times coming up.  Today was just perfect, sunny, warm with a lovely breeze.  Nice day for relaxing poolside and reading.  I still find myself looking for my friends who departed in San Diego…   takes a little time to sink in that they are gone.  I received a wonderful gift from a very talented young man from Indonesia, Putu Ujiana.  It is a caricature of me, as you can see…..  I think he must have talked to my friends or my sister since I am riding a pig.  It is just perfect!  I was really touched by this wonderful gift.  Tomorrow we will be in port again, Huatulco Mexico.  It will be a pretty laid back day for me.



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