Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Day 99 At Sea

Day 99, go figure….  It just seems like time is just accelerating as we continue to sail around the world.  It was nice today to have the temperatures warm up after that cold front in Hong Kong.  I had the best day out at the pool reading and visiting with friends.  I also began packing in earnest for my Thailand adventure.  Tomorrow we will be in Nha Trang Vietnam.  I will go ashore with Ed, Becky, Mike & Janet. We plan on exploring as much as we can on foot.  It  could be dicey because the traffic in Vietnam is just wild.  Walking the streets could be very interesting.  The next day we will dock in Phu My Vietnam, about 2-3 hours outside Ho Chi Minh City.  Brad & I have a later afternoon flight to Bangkok.  We will spend one night in Bangkok, tour the city the next day and then fly to Chaing Mai.  We will stay there 4 nights exploring Chaing Mai & Chaing Rai with emphasis on the Hill Tribes.  We fly to Phuket on the 20th and get back to the ship on the 21st.  Should be a great adventure!  While I am gone, I will try to stay as current as I can on the blog.   If I fall behind I will catch up as soon as I can….




  1. Have fun exploring. Lovely to hear of your adventure and updates. Take care in the traffic!

  2. Have a wonderful time. Travel safely.