Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Day 101 Phu My, Vietnam

This morning we sailed into the port of Phu My on the east bank of Song Thi Vai….  It is a pretty exciting day for me since Brad & I are getting picked up at 11:30 and heading for the airport in Ho Chi Minh City.  We have a flight at 5:50 into Bangkok and arrive at 7:40.  The next morning we tour Bangkok and head for Chaing Mai that evening.  Here is a description of our tour in Bangkok…  “This morning you will start your full day of touring with a visit to the Grand Palace which houses the Emerald Buddha and Wat Po, the "Reclining Buddha" representing the moment in which Buddha enters Nirvana. Here, you will enjoy a 30-minute traditional massage. After a local lunch, enjoy a boat ride through the klongs (canals) to visit to Wat Arun, the "Temple of Dawn". Enjoy a walk through the flower market before the last visit to the Golden Mountains.”  It should be a great day especially fro Brad since it is his first visit.  We fly to Chaig Mai that evening and have a 12 hour tour the next morning of Chaing Rai in the north.  Here is a description of that tour… “You will be collected by Asia World Enterprises Ltd (Phone (02)6111771) from Yaang Come Village, Chiang Mai, Thailand. Tour departs at 07:00AM. This is a long journey tour from Chiang Mai by road, along picturesque scenic routes, past the beautiful northern mountains and valleys, via the hot spring at Maekachan District and Chiang Rai, to visit Yao and Akha Hill Tribe village. You will explore the local villages, which are very simple with their own traditions, dialects, and unique costumes. The trip will continue to Mae Sai, the Myanmese border and the northernmost point of Thailand. Enjoy shopping for Myanmese items as well, as lunch at the local restaurant. You will then visit the world famous "Golden Triangle", the land of where three countries meet (Laos, Myanmar, and Thailand). You'll see the panoramic view of Maeklong River and visit the archaeological remains at Chiang Sean, the first capital of northern Thailand.  I will provide updates on the tours after that as we go along (internet permitting).  Getting excited!!!


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  1. I am enjoying your blog, very interesting, almost like being there myself! beautiful photos, and sounds like you are having a blast.