Monday, February 6, 2012

Day 64 At Sea

What a dreary, cold day….  I can’t wait for better weather.  I spent most of the day doing nothing.  It was a very lazy day.  This voyage is losing a bit of its luster.  Between the weather, lousy internet and some other issues I choose not to discuss it is not as great as it once was….  I hope we will return to the magnificence that we once had.  One good thing was that I went to a movie this evening, that’s a first.  The movie was Tower Heist and it was great.  I just hope that tomorrow brings a little sunshine our way….





  1. I hope by the end of this week when you are nearer Australia you get much warmer temps and much brighter sunshine. That combination is a sure recipe for improvement!

    Hope the other issues work themselves out as well!

    Wishing you following tides.


  2. This is when you need to break out the grow lights.

  3. Sending you warm greetings.
    Keep your camera focused.


  4. Seems HAL is generally cutting back--the general consensus of the many passeners I spoke with on my 30 day Zaandam Xmas cruise--was just "OK"

    Many told me that they were writing to HAL in order to express their disappontment and one friend has already emailed me that she has been offered an upgrade from inside to out and 500stg off her next booking--presently she is loathe to make one !