Monday, January 23, 2012

Day 50 Buenos Aires, Argentina

Today was quite the adventure…..  Ed, Becky, Mike, Janet & I explored a great deal of Buenos Aires, over 16 miles worth.  Trust me, in this heat that was quite a hike.  We left the ship and headed straight for the La Recoleta Cemetery with its elaborate mausoleums and very famous people like Evita.  From there we meandered around thecity on our way to La Boca.  We covered many fabulous locations like the Plaza de la Republica, Plaza de Mayo, the Plaza del Congreso, Casa Rosada (the Presidential Palace) ,and the Teatro Colon.  At La Boca we loved the bright colors and the Tango dances that seemed to be performed at almost all the establishments.  Mike even had a shot at the Tango….  He looks very impressive in the photo.  It was a day filled with wonderous sites, a lot of walking and very, very hot weather.  It was a great day!


  1. I found the mausoleum pics amazing. I really find pics in cemeteries very interesting and wonder about the people and their lives. Now I want to find my own pics from ones in Boston to look at again.