Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Day 45 At Sea

Days like this don’t come around very often….  It was a fabulous day at the pool.  The UV index was 10+ Extreme so I was jus cooking.  It was a great day with friends just relaxing.  We just sailed along the Brazilian coast passing oil rig after oil rig.  This evening I ate in the Canaletto Restaurant with Mike & Janet and then we went to the show. I was so excited to see Doc Severinsen & The San Miguel Five.  In 2010 they blew me away with a magnificent show and tonight they did not disappoint.  It was amazing!  Speaking of amazing, tomorrow we will be in Rio de Janeiro.  I am soi excited, I will get up at 5:00 am just to get out at sunrise….  It should be a fabulous two days in Rio.



  1. Jeff,

    Hope you enjoy Rio as much as we did back in 2006. You will find so many interesting photos to take as the extremes are amazing. Just be careful of your possessions and don't wear any jewellery.


  2. Brazilian Bronze. That one was just too easy.